Here at Tres Aurae Spa, we invite you to lose yourself in our world of ultimate pampering. Experience the healing power of touch by choosing one of our customized massage treatments. We offer therapeutic, oncologic and relaxation treatments. Choose what’s right for you or let our licensed massage therapists suggest a treatment.

Experience the healing power of touch!








Ultimate Relaxation Massage  50min/$105 or 80min/$130

Be swept away in a sea of relaxation with our signature massage. Your body is treated to  rhythmic strokes, gentle pressure to energy points. We help you to drift into a highly relaxed state by taking you on a sensory journey using customized hydro-aromatherapy.

Traditional Swedish Massage 50min/$95

Long, smooth, soothing strokes using light pressure will help you feel relaxed and restored.

Re-Set Deep Tissue Massage 50 min/110 or 80min/$140

This deep tissue massage helps to aid in healing from injuries, intense workouts, or day-to-day stresses on the body. We use warm towels and arnica-rich lotion to help re-set your muscles and re-energize your mind setting your path to wellness.

Radiant Hot Stone Massage 50min/ $120 or 80min/$150

Melt away tension as smooth, polished, perfectly heated basalt stones glide over tired, sore muscles.  The heat from the stones will radiate deep into the tissue to alleviate fatigue from life’s daily stresses.


Reflexology 25min/$50 or 40min/$70

More than just a foot massage, reflexology promotes wellness and provides multiple avenues of relief.  The reflex points on the foot that relate to specific organ systems via energy pathways are stimulated creating balance and restoration.

Here & Now Focus Massage 30 min/$65

Your neck and shoulders are in need of attention, your day is packed, and you simply do not have an hour to spare! 30 minutes to blissful relief!