At Tres Aurae Spa, your hands and feet are treated with a multi-step pampering ritual. Offering the latest and greatest in manicures and pedicures with a luxurious treatment. Pamper yourself and get that ‘polished’ professional look!

female hand with beautiful french manicure on the pure and clean foot

Woman soaks her fingernails in water while getting a manicure.


 We begin with a soothing soak.  Our pedicures have a one-use basin with no cross contamination to assure cleanliness and hygiene.


Spa Manicure- $26 

Gel Manicure- $45

French Manicure-$35


Spa Pedicure- $50

French Pedicure- $60

Gel Pedicure- $60

Gel Only Feet-$30

Gel Removal- $6